Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences

Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences


RASETASS stand for Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences.


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Academic discourse today enjoys a wide reputation as a propelling force in the growth of nations.

Circumstances therefore would ordinarily suggest a focus on a more profound propelling force that lies in global studies in the disciplines, science, engineering, technology, arts and social sciences marked as very significant to the growth of the nation. Scholarly, these disciplines are critical production and not discrete entities but are in a relationship of both supportive and critical, that is mutually affective intimacy for the growth of the nation.

They are part of the same tradition of adding value, growing-out of and responding to the same needs which is the concern of other nations.

In this vain, RASETASS which is a government approved academy therefore attempts to provide a platform to inspire researches with global concerns. RASETASS stand for Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences. It is an academy registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The academy was registered by Dr (Mrs) Ozokeraha Christiana Funmilayo who is a renowned educationist. The initiative behind its registration is based on ideas from many renowned professors, academicians, non-academicians etc. These group of persons will be identified according to the different research sites under RASETASS.

RASETASS Conference 2021

Aim and Objectives of the Academy

The aim of the academy is to bring researchers all over the world to discuss issues relevant to the economy for sustainability and development in the millennium.
The objectives include:

  1. To conduct conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops, etc that will be beneficial to nations.
  2. To ensure that communiqué reached in the various conferences are communicated to relevant authorities.
  3. To collaborate with higher institutions to organize conferences that will help researchers grow in their various fields.
  4. To equip people with relevant information for growth in academics.
  5. To provide ebooks for different disciplines.
  6. To advertise for relevant educative materials.

What do we do?

RASETASS work with researchers and academicians in Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences.
Find below some our services:

RASETASS organizes conferences for researchers and academicians all over the world. Our conferences are structured to address recent issues and advances in knowledge.
RASETASS Team of researchers acts as consultants to various institutions, organizations and companies. We offer innovation and expertise in services delivery.
RASETASS has the function of bringing together small groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to participate.
RASETASS provide professional proofreading and copyediting services to the academic community at a very considerable rate. We have experts in edting and grammer awaiting your call.
RASETASS creates workshops a type of interactive training where participants carry out a number of training activities rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation.
The RASETASS Magazine is a periodic publication of news, advances and innovations in the world of Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences published in print and online versions.
RASETASS provide ebooks for different disciplines for researchers, academicians and students to help promote knowledge sharing.
RASETASS publishes open access, peer-reviewed journals and strictly maintains the publication standards and ethics to maintain quality and credibility.

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RASETASS collaborates with world-leading organizations in service delivery.

RASETASS Affiliates

RASETASS Advertising Services:

RASETASS Advert Service

Whether you are an official member of RASETASS or not, our advertising services is open to you. Your adverts will be placed on our Websites, Ebooks, Magazines, Journals and other platforms for maximum visibility.

Our Avert Rates:

  1. A 500ft X 500ft maximum advert = N1000 per month
  2. A 500ft X 1000ft maximum advert = N2000 per month
  3. A 1000ft X 1000ft maximum advert = N3000 per month

COMMERCIAL Advert Service

Whether you want to advertise in newspapers, national magazines or journals, RASETASS Advertising can place your ads anywhere. Our job board advertising expertise is without peer. We work with thousands of online job boards daily, and we can place your ads on any job board anywhere. If diversity and inclusion are important to your institution, call us today. We can help you recruit ALL forms of diversity and place your diversity ads anywhere in print or online.

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