RASETASS Membership

RASETASS Membership has a diverse and influential membership network made up of individuals, companies and organisations who take a proactive interest in Research for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art & Social Sciences and knows the values and opportunities to connect, share ideas and develop partnerships. We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze membership packages at affordable support annual fees.

Who can become a member of the RASETASS?

Anyone. Our members are internationally drawn from all walks of life and include professionals, academics, researchers, students etc. You can join the RASETASS whether you’re someone with a professional, academic or personal interest in Africa or a company with a business interest of benefitting from all members ideas, research and other contributions.

What are the benefits of being a RASETASS member?

  • As a RASETASS member, you would enjoy access to a wide range of wonderful benefits, saving you hundreds of dollars per year! See below for some of the key benefits of membership:
  • FREE subscription to RASETASS Magazines and publications
  • FREE access to RASETASS Library and materials
  • FREE or discounted entry to our flagship Annual Lecture and other high-profile events
  • PRIORITY notice of our events and festivals and exclusive members’ news
  • Other attractive benefits brokered through our many partnerships and many more, see Membership Chart below:

RASETASS Membership Benefits